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How To: Washing Machine Cleaner and Sanitiser

Washing Machine Cleaner and Sanitiser

This guide will give you step by step instructions on how you can clean your washing machine and how you can use our washing machine cleaner to sanitise your washing machine system too.

What you will need:

What is Washing Machine Cleaner and Sanitiser?

Washing machine cleaner and sanitiser helps to clean your washing machine by killing common household germs that may have built up over time. Washing machines cannot perform at their optimum level whilst they are unclean. To wash your clothing in a washing machine that has not been cleaned thoroughly is the same as washing your clothes in dirty water. After using washing machine cleaner and sanitiser your washing machine will be clean throughout and will emit a pleasant odour.


How to use Washing Machine Cleaner and Sanitiser:


  1. Add 100ml of product to the detergent compartment of your washing machine. Make sure the washing machine drum is completely empty and there is no debris in the machine either.

  2. Turn on your washing machine. Run the washing machine through a normal cycle, this will make sure that the Washing Machine Cleaner and Sanitiser is flushed through the whole machine, making sure that all areas are cleaned and sanitised.

  3. To maintain the results use regularly, once every two weeks is a good routine to keep your washing machine running at optimum levels of cleanliness. 


After using this product your washing machine will now be sparking clean and rid of any nasty odours and/or water marks that are caused naturally. 

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