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How to use Inspired Laminate Floor Scratch Remover

Laminate floor scratch remover is a product that we developed to drastically reduce the visibility of scratches on your laminate flooring. We designed this product so that it can be used without any hassle.

Most laminate floor repair kits require you to use different coloured wax pastels to 'colour in' areas of damage. However our laminate floor scratch remover requires nothing more than a soft cloth. 

Our laminate floor scratch remover works by filling the damaged area with micro-granules of wood, which blend perfectly as you can see from the image below. 



Directions of use:


Step one: 

Make sure that the affected area is free of any pieces of loose debris.


Step two:

Apply a generous amount of the laminate scratch remover to a soft cloth. 


Step three:

Using a circular motion, wipe over and around the damaged area. You should see the visibility of the scratch reduce. Repeat this process if necessary. 




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