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How to use DEET Mosquito and Insect Repellent

DEET Mosquito Repellent Spray


What is DEET Mosquito Repellent?


DEET insect repellent is by far the most effective way to prevent being bitten by those pesky mosquitoes. Our Aquatech DEET is available as a 100% concentrated or 50% concentrated repellent spray. Because we sell DEET in two concentrations you can see which one would suit you for optimum protection.

How to use DEET Mosquito and Insect Repellent:

Method 1 - Applying DEET repellent directly to your Skin -


How to apply Aquatech DEET Mosquito and Insect Repellent Spray on skin:

1. Using the spray bottle supplied, apply DEET carefully to all exposed areas of the skin.

2. Apply the repellent spray sparingly around ears, avoiding contact with eyes and lips.

3. Renew application every 5 hours or as necessary and after swimming.

4. Allow to fully dry before applying sun cream.


Method 2 - Applying DEET to Clothing -



How to use Aquatech DEET Mosquito and Insect Repellent Spray on clothing:

1. Apply the DEET carefully to large areas of clothing using spray bottle.

2. Apply sparingly around collars.

3. Renew application every 5 hours or as necessary and after being exposed to heavy rain.


How to use DEET Products Safely


FIFRA requires that pesticides be used according to the approved label. Always follow the recommendations printed on the product packaging. DEET products used as directed, should not be harmful, although in rare cases using DEET products can cause skin irritation. All DEET product labels include the following directions to help reduce the chance of DEET irritating your skin or eyes:

  • - Read and follow all directions and precautions on this product label.

  • - Do not apply DEET over cuts, wounds, or irritated skin.

  • - Do not apply DEET to hands or near eyes and mouth of young children.

  • - Do not allow young children to apply DEET products.

  • - Use just enough repellent to cover exposed skin and/or clothing.

  • - Do not use DEET under clothing.

  • - Avoid over-application of this product.

  • - After returning indoors, wash treated skin with soap and water.

  • - Wash treated clothing before wearing it again.

  • - Use of this product may cause skin reactions in rare cases.

Using DEET on Children


DEET is approved for use on children with no age restriction. There is no restriction on the percentage of DEET in the product for use on children, since data do not show any difference in effects between young animals and adult animals in tests done for product registration. There also are no data showing incidents that would lead EPA to believe there is a need to restrict the use of DEET.

DEET does not present a health concern to the general population, including children. As always, consumers are advised to read and follow label directions in using any pesticide product, including insect repellents.


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