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How To: Scratch No More

How to use Scratch No More

What is Scratch No More?

Your Choice Scratch No More is a safe and easy to use scratch repellent spray that helps to deter cats and dogs from scratching your furniture and carpets. Your Choice Scrach No More is the best solution for getting your pets to stop damaging your furniture in a simple way.

Your Choice Scratch No More is formulated from a blend of non-harmful chemicals which carry a scent disliked by animals, but undetectable to humans. Your pets will soon learn to stop scratching.

Directions of Use:

Spray Your Choice Scratch No More onto the areas where you would like to deter scratching. Remember to use weekly for maximum effect. Initially you may have to use more frequently.

If you would like any more information, check out this post on How to stop cats scratching carpets and furniture.


Scratch No More product page. 

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