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How To: Red Wine Stain Removal

Red Wine Stain Remover Cleaning Guide - Step by Step

This guide will give you step by step instructions on how you can refresh your carpet or upholstery after spilling red wine.

What you will need:

-Your Choice Red Wine Stain Remover 

-Clean, Non Abbrasive Cloth

Red Wine Stain Removal - Instructions

1. Make sure that you test the Red Wine Stain Remover on an iconspicuous area before you proceed. Only proceed when you are completely satisfied with the results of this test.

2. Spray the Your Choice Red Wine Stain Remover  onto the red wine stain.  

3. Agitate the stain with a cloth using a circular motion, making sure that you are applying the stain remover to all of the stain.  

4. Wipe the area clean with a different cloth that has been dampened with water. 


Your red wine stain should have now vanished completely. Some stubborn stains may take more time to remove. We recommend repeating the process for these stubborn red wine stains. We also have a Universal Stain Remover that can be used for hundreds of different types of household stains. 

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