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How to stop spiders coming into your house

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How to stop spiders coming into your house!

Well, summer is here and those spiders are filling up on flies and other insects and quickly getting bigger and bigger. By September they will be packing up their bags and moving into your home to find a suitable place to lay eggs and breed. 

There are a few ways to stop these eight-legged critters from coming in your house and in this post we will talk about some of the most effective methods. 

Top four ways to naturally keep spiders from entering your home:

Tip 1 - Clutter, mess and an untidy home!

The cheapest way of stopping spiders camping out in your house is keeping your home tidy. Spiders look at a messy home and think, "Jackpot!" as they look around and see all the areas they could settle. De-clutter your home, don't leave piles of washing around your house, make sure that you have a place for everything that is neat and tidy. Use storage boxes for clutter that you have lying around. You should also make sure that you dust and vacuum your home regularly!

Tip 2 - Recruit a furry friend!

Cats are a great spider deterrent! Cats are natural hunters, they love to hunt spiders! Recruit a furry friend for an efficient spider hunter.

Tip 3 - Secret entrances!

A great way to keep spiders out of your home is to never let them in in the first place! Make sure that the exterior walls of your home are clear of garden debris, this makes a great place for a spider to lurk and creep into your home when you leave a door or window open.

You should check areas around your doors and windows for any holes or cracks, they can be an easy route for a spider to get into your home. If you do find a crack or hole, make sure that you get these holes filled in as soon as possible. 

Tip 4 - Horse Chestnuts

Yes, you read that right, conkers! They have been proven to be disliked by spiders, they will not settle in an area they have to share with chestnuts. You could hang conkers from string around the outer perimeter of your home. You can also place conkers strategically in areas where you see spiders regularly.

You could also try our natural spider repellent, just a few sprays around the doors and windows of your home is all you need to keep these little critters out. Also leaves a beautifully fresh fragrence. 

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​How to keep spiders out of your home

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