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​How to clean a smelly sink...

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How to clean a smelly sink...

Sinks can sometimes become smelly, this is usually due to the sink not being rinsed out properly and food deposits clinging to the insides of your sinks pipe work.

This can sometimes be a difficult odour to get rid of. You would be excused for thinking that a sink cleans itself, but sometimes it can require a little effort to make sure your basin, taps and drains are clean. See our blog post for more information on how to clean a sink. If you have seen small black flies around your drain or around your kitchen sink, bathroom sink or bath you may have a drain fly infestation. Read our blog post on how to get rid of drain flies for more information.

Pre-Deodorising Cleaning

Before you can deodorise your kitchen sink, you will need to clean out the drain. If this is not done, the foul odour will come back almost instantly.

The first step of unclogging your kitchen sink will be to remove any large bits of debris. You can do this by simply using thin wire (like an old coat hanger) and poking it down the drain and using it to 'hook' any bits you can and pull them out. If you keep running hot water down, this should get rid of a bulk of the nastiness. You can even use boiling hot water, this some of the bacteria down the drain too (the bacteria is the main cause of the foul odour).

Step Two - Baking Soda

Once the drain has been heated up slightly by the hot water you can put some baking soda down the drain, use about two teaspoons of baking soda and keep the hot water running down the drain. Baking soda is great for killing all types of odours.

Didn't get rid of the smell?

You need a stronger cleaning solution. Inspired Sink Freshener is great for getting rid of odours. Read the instructions on the label (Very simple product to use) and keep repeating the process until the odour has disappeared. 

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