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​Small black flies around drains? Drain Fly Infestation

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Small black flies around drains? Drain Fly Infestation

If you have noticed tiny black flies around your sink, or in your kitchen or bathroom then it is very likely that you have a drain fly infestation in your waste pipes. Drain flies are very common, so it is nothing to worry yourself over. Drain flies live and breed inside your drains, they thrive off the organic waste that is washed down your drains. These little critters are easy to get rid of, it is as simple as cleaning your pipes.

Getting rid of drain flies

Step One - Identify where the drain flies are coming from.

Luckily, drain flies never fly too far from where they reside. This means that if you find one in your kitchen , its living in your kitchen drain.

Before trying to get rid of your drain fly infestation, you should make sure they are definitely drain flies, they could be another form of fly.

To make sure the flies are definitely fruit flies you should dry off your sink or bath and stick some sticky tape over the drain. Check back after 24 hours, if you see the small black flies on the sticky tape, then the problem is most definitely drain flies.

Step Two - Remove any hair / food debris from your drain.

Using a wire coat hanger or anything similar you can think of you should remove any hair or debris that a drain fly might be laying its eggs on.

Step Three - Flush out the drain

Pour about 5 - 10 litres of warm water into the drain to flush out and debris that may have drain fly eggs on it.

Step Four - Pipe Brush

Using a metal pipe brush, clean the insides of your pipes. push the metal pipe brush as far down the drain as possible. Make sure to keep twisting the brush so that you remove as much grime as possible, this will make sure the drain flies have nowhere to lay their eggs.

Step five - Chemical Cleaning

Your drain should be nearly clean now, all you need is some  Inspired Sink Freshener, this will help keep your drain and sink clean and fresh. Inspired Sink Freshener also acts as a drain fly killer and can destroy any drain fly eggs that may still linger in your drains. 

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