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How to Stop Your Wheelie Bin From Smelling

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How to Stop Your Wheelie Bin From Smelling

We don’t really care about our wheelie bins, after all, we just fill them with waste. But they can start to get smelly and nobody wants that. Of course they are going to get smelly and if your bin is kept right next to your home, you definitely don’t want to be able to smell your bin every time you leave the house.

In this post we will be sharing info on how you can stop your bin from emitting foul odors.

Flip Your Lid

This is a really simple solution. Leave the lid off your bin for a few days or even just a few hours here and there. Keeping the lid closed on your bin traps stale air, when there is air trapped in the bin it causes bacteria to grow and it’s the growth of that bacteria that causes bad odors.

It is best to do this exercise in the summer as there is a smaller chance of rain. Rain can cause the air to become humid, which is the perfect environment for bacteria to multiply and grow.

TOP TIP: Check the weather forecast and pick a time to air out your wheelie bin when the weather is going to be nice for at least a day or two.

Let’s Get Dirty!

You should clean out of your bin. You only need to clean it out a few times a year. You could use soap to clean out your bin to get rid of any bacteria that might be lingering. Washing out your bin is one of the simplest solutions if your bin has already started to smell foul. Using Your Choice Wheelie Bin Cleaner is the best way to keep the inside of your bin clean and free of odors. Your Choice Wheelie Bin Cleaner has been specially formulated to tackle the strongest odors without masking them.

You will usually find that you can get your wheelie bins cleaned professionally. This is an effective way of keeping your bins clean but can sometimes be expensive.

Naturally Clean

Certain natural products can also be used to clean your wheelie bin. Baking soda is great to leave at the bottom of your bin to help neutralize odors.

You could also chop up some lemons and place them in your bin. Lemons help to neutralize the bad odors that build up in your bin, it won’t get rid of your problem but it will definitely help your bin to smell nice.

Your Choice Wheelie Bin Cleaner Spray

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Your Choice Wheelie Bin Cleaning Spray is for use on bins (external and internal) and other waste disposal areas it prevents insects, flies and larvae. Its special anti-microbial action not only cleans but protects. Your Choice Wheelie Bin Cleaner not only kills insects and insect larvae it also stops foul odors from developing in your wheelie bin.

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