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How to Clean a Plasma Television

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So, Your television may have had some abuse after the world cup. Seeing England out this early is enough for anyone to consider throwing a slice of pizza at the TV. Here at Home and About we have the perfect product to clean your plasma screen.

Anti-Static Plasma TV Cleaner

Our Anti-Static Plasma TV Cleaner is just as great at cleaning dirt and dust off your TV as it is at creating an invisible anti static barrier to stop dust from settling on your televisions screen.

So, how do you use Anti-Static Plasma TV Cleaner?

Anti-Static Plasma Television Cleaner is easy to use. All you have to do is spray a soft lint free cloth with the Anti-Static Cleaner (a microfiber cloth is the best at distributing the cleaner easily off the surface, but any cloth that is lint free will be effective.)

As softly as you can you should wipe the surface of the TV in small circular motions. Make sure that you do not wipe the TV completely dry as leaving it with a slightly damp screen ensures that the screen will repel dust. 

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