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​RAC Car Cleaning Guide - Part One - Car Interior Cleaning

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So, spring has sprung and we are all trying to make the most of the "great" British weather that has finally started to make an appearance after months of wind and rain.

We have put together these great cleaning guides showing off our new products formulated for  RAC.

So we begin part one of our guide by showing you how to clean your car's interior.

What you will need:

Once you have gathered all of your cleaning materials the process of cleaning your car's interior is relatively simple.

Start by cleaning your car seats, use RAC Interior Cleaner to do this. RAC's Interior Cleaner's active ingredients make it easy to remove any staining, dirt and grime. Use a cloth or rag for the general cleaning of your car seats, but if you have any tough stains or heavy soiling you should consider using a soft cleaning brush.

If you have leather seats in your car be sure to use RAC Leather cleaner as it removes dirt in a gentle way and brings up your leather to a great looking shine. Remember always read the back of the label before using any chemical product.

Once you have cleaned your car seats you can now use some more of the RAC Interior Cleaner on your dash, steering wheel and pedals. Remember to take extra special care when cleaning your car pedals, it's a good idea to use a brush to get deep into the grooves so that you can remove as much of the built up dirt as possible, but remember to make sure that you use a clean dry cloth, old towel or rag to dry them off as they may become slippery.

You can now proceed to vacuuming your car, make sure that you get all of the hard to reach areas, as otherwise dirt will build up in these areas making it really hard for you to clean.

You can now proceed to the next step, cleaning your cars exterior. 

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