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Blog - How to Get Rid of Foxes

How to get rid of foxes from your garden

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Here in the United Kingdom we have quite a large population of foxes and urban foxes. In this guide we will explain the various ways these foxes can be removed from your property. But firstly here is some information on why foxes like visiting your garden.

Why do foxes come to your garden?

Many foxes are attracted to gardens because they provide a safe place to shelter from the wind and rain. They also come into your garden because there is a great supply of food. Foxes like areas in which there are quiet, undisturbed gardens. A common place for foxes to burrow and mate is underneath garden sheds.

If you have a problem with foxes in your area, please do not feed them. Feeding foxes makes them more likely to stay in the area because they have a greater supply of food. Feeding foxes is dangerous to their health, the food that foxes receive from people lacks the essential nutrients they need to keep their bodies healthy. It also attracts vermin to your garden, if the fox leaves scraps of food, left over food attracts vermin. The worst thing about feeding foxes though is that the foxes could become too domesticated, which means they could become incapable of feeding themselves.

What can be done about controlling fox numbers?

The best thing you can do for wild animals is leave them alone, unless they are injured, in which case it would be best to contact the RSPCA.

There are currently no laws in which state that the council has to control fox numbers in the UK as they are not  classed as pests in this country.

Can I trap or kill foxes that trespass on my land?

It seems like trapping or killing foxes is a simple solution to the problems some people have with foxes trespassing on their property, but its not as simple as you think.

When foxes are trapped, by law they have to be killed by lethal injection. The injection can only be carried out by a certified vet. Most vets will not carry out this procedure. This is because vets will rarely put a healthy animal down.

Killing foxes is only a temporary solution, because when a fox population in a certain area has been depleted, foxes from other nearby territories will move into the area as their will now be a greater supply of food.

How can I keep foxes away?

The best way to keep pesky foxes out of your garden is to make the garden unattractive to them. this can be done by following all of these important guidelines.

-Keep all of your household rubbish in your wheelie bin or in a sturdy covered container, do not leave plastic bags of rubbish in your garden, they are too easy for foxes to claw and chew into.

-Make sure that you only take put your curbside waste out on the morning of collection. Foxes are nocturnal and will not go out to scavenge food in daylight.

-Make sure that you clean up any fruit that has fallen off any fruit trees in your garden.

-Do not leave food outside that is used to feed your pets. Make sure that if you are feeding wild birds, you only put food into approved bird feeders and make sure that they are positioned high up.

-Seal or fill any holes that surround the perimeter of your garden. this will make it harder for foxes to get in.

-Keep all of the doors and windows to your outhouses, sheds and garages sealed at all times, these places are great for foxes to sleep.

- Secure fencing and make sure that any gaps in the fence(s) are closed/repaired.

Make use of chemical fox repellents

Chemical fox repellents are a really great way of keeping those foxes at bay.Why not try using Your Choice Fox Repellent. It is great for repelling foxes and causes no harm to animals or plants.

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