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Blog - How to De-Ice Car Windows

How to De-Ice Car Windows

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How to De-Ice Car Windows

January is here and it seems to be a trend now that we start the New Year with freezing weather conditions here in the UK. As the temperature drops down into the single digits we are forced to worry about frost.

Ice can be very dangerous whilst you are in control of a vehicle, this can be ground frost or your car’s windows / windshield being iced over.

When your car windows / windshield is iced over it can be frustrating and can consume valuable time from your morning routine.

Fear not! We have a list of methods and handy tips below to help melt that ice and get on with your day!

How to De-Ice Car Windows - Warm Water

Using warm water to de-ice the frost on your car windscreen is a beautifully simple method. You must make sure that the water is not hot, as this may crack or damage your windscreen. The water you use should just be lukewarm, as long as the water is a slightly higher temperature than the frost covering the windshield, the Ice will melt.

Simply pour the water slowly over the windshield, you can then use a cloth or sponge to spread the water across the windshield to speed up the process. Once the ice has melted you will be able to use your wipers to get rid of any excess slush.

How to De-Ice Car Windows - Alcohol

Making your own de-icers at home can be a quick and effective way of removing the ice from your windscreen.

For this method all you will need is rubbing alcohol. Mix one part water to two parts rubbing alcohol, put this solution into a spray bottle (if possible) then spray liberally all over your windscreen, if you don’t have a spray bottle to hand, you can just pour the solution slowly and use your cars window wipers to remove any of the remaining slush.

How to De-Ice Car Windows - Vinegar

Using vinegar as a homemade de-icer has a similar effect to the alcohol solution above. To make a vinegar de-icing solution, simply mix one part water to three parts vinegar. Pour this solution into a spray bottle if you have one and spray evenly over the surface of the problematic window. If you don’t have a spray bottle, pout the solution evenly over the surface of the window. If the ice on the window is quite thick you may have to repeat the process.

Using the same vinegar solution also helps to stop your windows from freezing over, to help stop windows from freezing, try applying some of your vinegar solution to your windows at night time.

How to De-Ice Car Windows - Soft Drinks

Yes, you read that right, soft drinks can be used to rid your vehicle’s windows of ice. Soft drinks are quite effective, but using a vinegar or alcohol based solution are far better, soft drinks may leave a sticky residue on your windshield. Soft drinks work to remove ice because of their high sugar content.

How to De-Ice Car Windows - Ice Scraper

A traditional method to removing ice from windscreens is using good old fashioned elbow grease and scraping it off using an ice scraper. If you do not have an ice scraper to hand you could use a piece of rigid plastic such as a bank card. Using a bank card may not be very practical as you risk damaging it, but it is effective.

We hope this guide gave you the information you needed. Happy De-icing!

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