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How to clean your washing machine and get rid of foul odours

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How to clean your washing machine

Does you washing machine look a little grimy? perhaps your washing machine has become smelly?

If the answer is yes, your problem is a build up of bad bacteria and soap scum. In this cleaning guide we will teach you some handy hints and tips that could help you get your washing machine back to its old gleaming condition.

Step One - Clean your washing machines detergent drawer

The detergent draw is the perfect breeding ground for germs and mould. If your machine allows you to, remove the draw completely.

Now fill your sink with some hot water and place the draw in there to soak for around five minutes, this will loosen up the soap scum.

Now take an old tooth brush and get to work scrubbing all the dirty areas, you can add some general dish washing to the detergent to help remove scum and get rid of any bad odours.

That's step one complete!

Step Two - Unblock the lint filter on your washing machine

If you have never cleaned out your washing machine's lint filter before get ready for a whole host of nastiness! You should clean this filter out regularly (Every fortnight or so.) This filter gets full of fluff and dirt.

Can't find the filter?

The access hatch is usually located on the front of your washing machine at the base. Open the hatch and undo the filter. This is usually a screw tread. Remove any fluff and debris, if the washing machine's filter is very dirty consider soaking it in hot water and dishwashing liquid.

Done? Now you're one step closer to a clean washing machine.

Step Three - Clean out the washing machine drum

The inside of your washing machine may look perfectly clean, but behind those hundreds of wholes you may have millions of tiny bacteria clinging on, these bad bacteria can transfer to your clothes and can cause your clothes and washing machine to smell bad.

The best thing to do to prevent a build up of germs, scum and odours is to run an empty wash every month. When doing this empty wash you can add a cleaning product such as Washing Machine Cleaner and Sanitiser or use some soda crystals. This empty wash should be done at a high temperature (We found that 60 Degrees is the best)

Step Four - Air your washing machine to prevent any foul odours

After doing a load of washing, leave your washing machine door open. this will help air circulate through the system to prevent bad bacteria multiplying and will help prevent foul odours.

Now your should have a washing machine that emits no foul smelling odours, remember to keep your washing machine in mid when carrying out your home cleaning routines. 

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