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Summers Here! Keep those unwanted visitors away from your garden!

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Summer is here! So, if you are like me you'll want to spend some more time enjoying the sun. There's not much better than relaxing in your lovely garden on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

The last thing you want to worry about is your neighbour's cat doing its business in your blooming flower beds. 

Don't worry, here at Home and About we have it covered! We have a specially formulated product that helps repel cats and dogs from coming into your garden. 

The product is Cat and Dog Stay Away:

Product Features:

✓ Easy to use

✓ Safe to use around all pets and wildlife

✓ Safe for use on all edible and non-edible plants and flowers

✓ Long lasting application  

Using Inspired Cat and Dog Stay Away can really make it a little easier to relax in your garden this summer. 


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