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​How to get rid of carpet beetles

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How to get rid of carpet beetles

Carpet beetles are quite common in the UK, if you notice a carpet beetle in your home, its best to have a good go at making sure that your home is free of any other carpet beetles.

So, how do you know if you have carpet beetles in your home?

There are several species of carpet beetles that could infest your home. The most common type of carpet beetle is the Black Carpet Beetle, these little critters can do great amounts of damage to carpet fibres, curtains, furniture and clothing.

Carpet beetles live off anything from dead skin cells, hair and pet dander.

There are also other species of carpet beetle, but these are less common in homes in the UK.


Carpet beetles can be identified by the shape of their bodies and their speckled coloured body.

So, what is the best way to get rid of carpet beetles?

Identify how big your carpet beetle problem is. Look carefully around your home, paying particular attention to under your furniture and around the edges of your rooms. Try and find any evidence of carpet beetles, such as:

-Carpet Beetle Larvae
-Carpet Beetle Pupas
-and also any dead adult carpet beetles on areas of carpet that you may have missed when vacuuming.

How to get rid of carpet beetles


You need to make sure you vacuum your whole home at least once a week. Whilst vacuuming you must make sure that you vacuum those areas that you may sometimes miss.


You should try to keep your carpet as clean as possible after vacuuming, this can be done by shampooing your carpet at least once a month. You do not need to get your carpet professionally shampooed. You can use a product such as Foaming Carpet Shampoo. This product provides the same deep cleaning as a professional carpet shampoo, but is much easier to use.


Steaming your carpet, not unlike shampooing, makes certain that all carpet mite eggs are destroyed. destroying the eggs lowers the risk of a re-infestation. when steaming, you could also try out a steam detergent which will thoroughly clean the area, leaving a fresh fragrance. 

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