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How to stop cats from scratching carpets and furniture

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Here in the UK we love cats, we are  mad about cats! But even though we are a nation of cat lovers, they do have some traits that can be quite frustrating, like scratching carpets...

So this post is all about how to stop your cat or cats from scratching your carpets and furniture.

Why do cats scratch carpets and furniture?

Cats like to scratch surfaces with their front claws by dragging them downwards. This action is also called stropping. Stropping is something that is done to loosen the outer husk of the cat's claws to reveal sharp new claws underneath.

Stropping is also used by cats to exercise the muscles in the cat's forelimbs, which also helps to stretch out the cat's spine, keeping it in prime condition. Some cats will stretch by lying down on a surface and using their claws they will pull their bodyweight along the floor, the surface your cat is probably using is your carpet. That's why you're here, right?

Scratching is also used as a way of marking territory. Pads on a cat's feet produce a unique scent, so when an area is scratched, the scent from the cat's feet are deposited. Cats, like many other animals use their urine to mark their territory, if your cat is doing this in your home we have a great Pet Accident Cleaner.

It's not only your carpet that your cat will like to scratch, evidence of scratching can also be found outdoors. These signs of scratches can usually be found on trees, fences, gates, and garden sheds. Unvarnished wood is a brilliant surface to use when maintaining cat claws, the most natural being the bark from a tree. Sometimes cats will use wooden flooring for stretching muscles and maintaining their claws, in this check out our Floor Scratch Remover.

So, Why is my cat scratching indoors?

In this day in age cats have limited access to the outside world. Many cats have become so domesticated that they prefer to spend more time in the comfort of your home, scratching where it's safe and warm.

What can I do to stop cats from scratching my carpet / furniture?


Sometimes easiest method is de-clawing. Many people believe that this is a drastic action to take and can be painful for your cat. If you have had your cat from a kitten and it has become used to claw trimming, this can be an effective method.

Scratch Posts

Make sure you have  cat scratching posts. If your cat has something to scratch that isn't your cherished furniture it can stop them from destroying your possessions. This should stop cats from scratching your carpets, but if this does not solve the problem, more help is at hand! 

The Sticky Tape Method

Another method to stop cats from scratching your carpets and furniture is to cover your furniture with double sided sticky tape. Use sticky tape around the edges of your furniture, this will stop your cat from scratching. Take off little sections of the sticky tape each week and hopefully your cat will learn that your sofa is not a toy.

Mental Stimulation

Keep your cat mentally stimulated and offer it plenty of opportunity for exercise, and she will has less opportunity to be destructive in your home. If your cat is frustrated and bored, she may scratch your furniture or tear your drapes. Give your cat enough play time outside too. Cats are motivated by smell, sound, texture and movement. The toys you use should aim to cover all these aspects. Discover your cat’s preferences by presenting a variety different sized toys made from different materials and watch her reaction to gauge her preferences.

Why not try a window perch made using assorted scratchable materials. This will keep your cat occupied and off the sofa!

When you see your cat scratching your furniture or carpet consider squirting a water gun at them, just so that they know they are doing something that you do not like. This will teach them to keep off!

Finally, the easiest method to keep cats from scratching your furniture and carpets is to use a product like,  Scratch No More This will prevent them from damaging the areas you spray by giving it a foul odor only noticeable to cats.

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