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​How to remove a scratch from laminate floor

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So, you have scratched your laminate flooring and its ruined .

Ruined? Think again, we have a brilliant product that will blow your mind. I'm sure you have seen the complexity of using kits containing resins, waxes and different coloured pastels. Well , here at Home and About we don't believe in using complicated methods if there is a much simpler way.

Our laminate floor scratch remover works in a way that you'll find effective and easy to use.

The way in which our laminate floor scratch remover works is that the liquid contains tiny micro-abrasive particles which you work around the outside of the scratched area. This takes tiny particles of the laminate from the surface which you can then wipe into the groove of the scratch. This area is then left to dry, leaving you with no signs of the scratch.

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