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How to get rid of foxes from your garden

Here in the United Kingdom we have quite a large population of foxes and urban foxes. In this guide we will explain the various ways these foxes can be removed from your property. But firstly here is some information on why foxes like visiting your garden. Why do foxes come to your garden? Many foxes are attracted [...]

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THE 5 Essential cleaning products you need for your home

In Britain there are only a select few of us who enjoy cleaning. Why would we want to clean when we could be enjoying ourselves?  Well, I suppose that those of us who live in the United Kingdom are generally house-proud. So why do we hate cleaning?  So, with this question in mind i have created a [...]

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New 'Your Choice' Brand!

YOUR CHOICE We have created a line of excited new line of cleaning products to make your life easier and your time spent cleaning shorter! The new brand is named, 'Your Choice'. We named our new range this because it contains the products that you use most! Simon, Home and About

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