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How to stop spiders coming into your house

How to stop spiders coming into your house! Well, summer is here and those spiders are filling up on flies and other insects and quickly getting bigger and bigger. By September they will be packing up their bags and moving into your home to find a suitable place to lay eggs and breed.  There are a few [...]

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How to Clean a Plasma Television

So, Your television may have had some abuse after the world cup. Seeing England out this early is enough for anyone to consider throwing a slice of pizza at the TV. Here at Home and About we have the perfect product to clean your plasma screen.Anti-Static Plasma TV CleanerOur Anti-Static Plasma TV Cleaner is just as great at cleaning [...]

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​How to remove a scratch from laminate floor

So, you have scratched your laminate flooring and its ruined .Ruined? Think again, we have a brilliant product that will blow your mind. I'm sure you have seen the complexity of using kits containing resins, waxes and different coloured pastels. Well , here at Home and About we don't believe in using complicated methods if there is a [...]

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RAC Car Cleaning Guide - Part Two - Car Exterior Cleaning

In part two of our RAC Cleaning Guides we guide you through cleaning the outside of your car. what you will need: BucketSponge or wash mittBrushDetailing Brush or Tooth BrushRAC Alloy Wheel CleanerRAC Premium Car ShampooRAC Car PolishRAC Spray and ShineOnce you have gather all of the materials needed for cleaning your car exterior you can finally start [...]

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​RAC Car Cleaning Guide - Part One - Car Interior Cleaning

So, spring has sprung and we are all trying to make the most of the "great" British weather that has finally started to make an appearance after months of wind and rain. We have put together these great cleaning guides showing off our new products formulated for  RAC. So we begin part one of our guide by showing you how to clean [...]

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​How to clean a smelly sink...

How to clean a smelly sink...Sinks can sometimes become smelly, this is usually due to the sink not being rinsed out properly and food deposits clinging to the insides of your sinks pipe work.This can sometimes be a difficult odour to get rid of. You would be excused for thinking that a sink cleans itself, but sometimes it can [...]

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​Small black flies around drains? Drain Fly Infestation

Small black flies around drains? Drain Fly Infestation If you have noticed tiny black flies around your sink, or in your kitchen or bathroom then it is very likely that you have a drain fly infestation in your waste pipes. Drain flies are very common, so it is nothing to worry yourself over. Drain flies live and breed inside your [...]

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​How to get rid of carpet beetles

How to get rid of carpet beetlesCarpet beetles are quite common in the UK, if you notice a carpet beetle in your home, its best to have a good go at making sure that your home is free of any other carpet beetles.So, how do you know if you have carpet beetles in your home?There are several [...]

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Do you think you are allergic to dust mites? ​Symptoms of a dust mite allergy

Symptoms of dust mite allergyDo you think you are allergic to dust mites? A dust mite allergy is a hypersensitive reaction to the tiny protein particles in the droppings of dust mites. The symptoms of this hypersensitivity can be similar to hay fever and asthma. If you suffer from eczema, a dust mite allergy can aggravate your skin.It [...]

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How to remove blood stains from a mattress

How to remove blood stains from a mattress There are various methods that that can be used to remove blood from a mattress. We have found that using a mattress stain remover is the best way to completely remove a blood stain with no hassle.Mattress Stain Remover Method You can use a mattress stain remover similar to the ones listed below to [...]

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